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Originally Posted by Supernatural Anesthetist
Words are words and deeds are deeds.

If you give your opponent mad props and then beat them...that makes your accomplishment seem that much more worthy. If you prop your opponent and lose... atleast you admitted the loss is to a quality opponent. Paying respect to your opponent as a basketball player is a win-win.

If your too insecure to prop your opponent your not ready for the NBAs ultimate award yet. If your too arrogant to prop your opponent... your an @sshole.

Of course team fans are held to a different standard.

He's kind of banged up. He had the one leg contusion going in and then got a good shot on the other leg. Part of it is also just taking what they are giving. As long as the -team- is getting good looks this isn't a problem.

With a little more rest I expect Tony to be attacking with greater ferocity next game. He's a champion and has made a huge leap in mental fortitude this year.
Good point, Supernatural. I wasn't dissing Tony. I know that he's hurtin' a bit. But I'm a bit concerned about the mental aspect of his game for the moment.

It also concerned me that the Spurs seemed prone to weak "bail out" passes a few times in the seconda half (not just from TP). I was surprised to see Spur players get caught in the air with no idea where to put the ball.
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