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Originally Posted by bossu
I'm not surprised that the Mavs are chatting it up about the officiating. To be perfectly honest, I thought Bruce was going to be whistled on that last play. I was expecting it, the way Dirk was stumblin' and bumblin' on the wing. I was pleasantly surprised to see the refs not call anything. Not that I'm saying there WAS anything, but Bruce has been called on for much LESS body contact than that.
The refs werent' calling anything towards the end of the game......they let the players play. I like it like that. DOn't let the refs decide the outcome. DId you see Dirk push off on Manu? Probably if Manu didn't add to it by exaggerating the push, he might have got the foul!

As long as the ref is CONSISTENT, i have no problem.

but in general, they shouldn't call too many ticky tacky fouls.
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