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Congrats Spurs!

Didn't want to clutter up the main board wityh a post that is two days late!

Congrats from a Kings fan on a well deserved victory! I know this is a bit late, (two days) but I just wanted to stop by and wish you all well against the Mavs!

We will be back next year hopefully stronger. We are still wondering if we go the way of Martin Starting at SG, and dumping a soon overpriced Wells, and letting Francisco back up (which he can play the point as well). Also if Adelman will re-sign. Plus I am sure we will be one of the teams that is coaxing Minny to trade KG this summer (VERY unlikely).

Even if the team sticks together for the most part we will be a 50 win team again and hopefully don't have to face you all in the first round. To tell you the truth if it was any other team I think we would have got past them excluding the Mavs.

Good luck against the Mavs (damn I hate Cuban) and win it all and represent all the midsized cities out there in the somewhat smaller markets!
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