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If AJ knows the Spurs system...I suspect Pop knows Aj's system. Advantage- Pop. 3 Championships as head coach to AJ's none.

I look for Bruce to step up the D in this series. He was a little (not much) less than stellar in the first round. He knows the Mavs. My money says Brucey Bruce reminds everyone why he is a perennial DOP candidate.

The biggest factor in this series to me is how well Nazr and Rasho crash the boards. If they don't get it done right away, we might see a little Fabricio court time. We know he can crash the boards. His defensive rotations are the only question marks for me. Rasho is our best help defender in the big department.

All of our success though is predicated on the big three doing what they do. Get any two of them going and say goodnight, next series.

Who will be the big shot maker this series? Finley.
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