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Originally Posted by RichB
I don't think Bibby made a "great steal". I think the refs swallowed their whistles on this play after blowing them on a similar play in Nets-Pacers Game 1.

I suppose consitentcy is a bit too much to ask for from NBA officials.

But you take the bad calls or non-calls (in this case) and press on. Nothing we can do about that now.

Manu shouldn't hang his head over the play and Bibby shouldn't be too proud of himself.

This series is winding down and will end on Tuesday.
Yeah, but the refs are less likely to respond in the last play. That's a given just like if Kings attacked the Spurs and they played them physical.

The problem with the play is Bibby was going to cheat since he was guarding Parker. If you cheat off anyone out there(during that play, it's him).

Out there, you had Barry, Finley, Duncan, and Parker with Manu as the ball handler. Parker should have been handling, but since he wasn't, he should have been sitting. In place of him, you stick Horry out there. There would have been no cheating if Horry was out there.

Then you could either post Duncan(with good spacing) or at least have clear lanes for a screen and roll.

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