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Originally Posted by BlitzKriegBop
The kings earned this one whether anyone likes it or not.

After winning 3 championships, you would think we'd be used to all these situations. The spurs are the champs, just like the lakers were and just like the bulls. If any team defeated them on a buzzer beater, why not celebrate? It's a great feeling to beat the top dogs. Let them celebrate their win now, we'll celebrate later in june.
Absolutely true. That's basketball. Although I will say, it seems kind of silly watching that on the other side. But that's probably because we have been spoiled by the 3 championships.
The loss really didn't bother. I saw it more as, " we go again. Typical Spurs playoff series: Detroy opponent in one game and give them a ray of hope, and give us a scare in the next game."
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