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The Kings will have to stay with the Spurs through the early going.

Sac will depend heavily on their home crowd and if the Spurs take an early lead (as they did in Game 1) and take the crowd out of the game - it will kill what little momentum the Kings feel they may have.

Sacramento needs to forget about how Game 2 ended and play like they did for the first 47 minutes. San Antonio needs to forget the end of that game too and realize how badly they played that game, and make the necessary adjustments.

The blood is in the water.

I don't see Abdur Rahim having another game like Game 2, with Artest and Wells probably sharing time in the post. If Duncan and Mohammed do not get saddled with fouls, I'm confident they can contain him better in Game 3.

Artest needs to play within himself and try not to do too much. All eyes will be on him and he should know that. Tony Parker must be prepared to guard Bibby and prepare for the Kings guards to get physical.

Bowen will need to be ready for his open shots, because Bibby will sag off him to help the double team. Finley as well.

The truth of the matter is: this is the series for the Kings. If they drop this game, any flicker of hope they may still have will be extinguished.

They need a blowout win, because if the Spurs and Kings are close going down the stretch, you have to really question if the Kings confidence has been shaken.

Mike Bibby has to play extremely well to give the Kings any shot. He's due for a breakout game and so is Brad Miller.

Unfortunately for them, so is this guy:

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