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Originally Posted by telecomguy
exactly how difficult is it to set picks? I mean it's not like it takes huge amount of skill, dexterity, hand-to-eye coordination or atheleticism to set PICKS!

Nazr is better to have around the rim for offensive rebounds (like Duncan) so they really should use either Horry (first option) or Finley, or Rasho (who never gets offensive rebounds anyways) and keep Duncan and Nazr in the paint area.

This seems like a no-brainer to me. Why waste Duncan's talent high up in the perimeter to set picks or screens? There are lots of Spurs who can do that.
Maybe Pop knows something you don't??? The man does have 3 rings to his credit....maybe you should cut him some slack??
Hibbert, who worked out with Duncan in San Antonio during the lockout, said he has grown close to the perennial All-Star. On Friday, he texted Duncan and asked how he should guard him.

"He said, 'Go for every pump fake,' " Hibbert said.
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