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Originally Posted by MarineForLife
I'm not taking anything away from Barry - that was a hell of a shot on a night where he was nailing his shot time and time again . . . but note that Barry was NOT the first option on that play . . . that was a sophisticated play, where Manu taking a 3 off the inbound pass was the first option, Manu driving and drawing a foul was another option, and Barry @ the 3 was yet another option. It was a very cleverly drawn-up play by Pop. Damn brilliant, really, because it placed Sac in the crossfire of a dilemma: defend one option, and get burned by the other or the other.
Complete misdirection play as evidence by the weak side screen by Duncan on Bibby. It was Barry's all the time. I guess Manu could have been the first option if when he received the ball no one came to guard him.
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