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I think that Lebron probably won it b/c he had the most hype at the end of the season. Kobe kind of disappeared in the last part of the season and people kind of forgot about him.

Either way, it is a worthless award. After Nash won it last year, I think that pretty much sealed the deal for its irrelevance. First, no one can define what an MVP is- not the old "know it when I see it" argument. Second, since Tim Duncan, it hasn't been an indication of post season success, which is infinitely more important and impressive. Third, there are always guys that put up good numbers, get a decent amount of wins, and yet are forgotten about- meaning that the media hypes who they want to win in a close race. That means that guys like Elton Brand, who had a great year, will be ignored in favor of media darlings like Kobe and Lebron. When Duncan won it, he had to run away w/ the award. Last year, Shaq and others could have been considered, but the media caught hold of a white point guard that led a running team to the best record (despite Stockton have superior numbers and never getting serious consideration) and voted for him. Ultimately it is a media bandwagon affair and means literally nothing. Especially when you read weekly columns by the morons that make the selection and wonder if they even watch games other than those of the media superstars.
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