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Originally Posted by RichB
40 hours after the worst playoff loss in Kings franchise history and all you have to say is 'Trade Brad Miller'??

I got news for ya - they ALL sucked the big one on Saturday, OK? Miller, Artest, Abdur Rahim and even the "most clutch PG" himself, Mike Bibby.

You talk an inordinate amount of junk in the days leading up to this game, your team gets hammered in historic fashion and then you have absolutely nothing to say for almost 2 days?

That's garbage.

At least other Kings fans who don't come here regularly had the decency to post and give the Spurs their due.

What were you doing?

We know you read alot of this stuff. Didn't have the guts to show your face and eat some crow?

You got your asses whooped badly on Saturday and it showed exactly what I and so many others have been telling you for days:

The Kings have NO chance and that stupid sig of yours looks as relevant as ever.

"Trade Brad Miller" - yeah, that's going to solve your problems.

How about coming with something a bit more humble than that?
im only online m-f. at work. so sorry, i wasn't hiding. yes all the kings stunk it up. bibby was the only one trying to make something happen. the spurs did a good job on him. your pf/center is the focal point of your defense. if they can't defend or rebound worth a crap then you dont have a chance.
"when it rains, it pours"
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