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[those are better to watch for casual fans.[/quote]

The casual fan was sort of my point. The league and networks will whine when the ratings of the finals are low. Instead of promoting the best teams, they promote the popular players. (and yes I know they have been doing that for years) of course the most popular players use to play for the best teams! If they cram Detroit and San Antonio down the throats of those fans, then maybe the casual fan will care about these teams instead of saying, the league doesn't care about the Spurs and Pistons, so why should I. Come on, this has more to do with Kobe and Lebron than it does these games being competitive. Both of these teams have a chance to be eliminated in the 1st round. Then what for the league and the network. (insert Shaq) The Spurs and Lakers would probably not have been much of a contest, but had the Lakers been the 8th seed, the Spurs would be on ABC. We all know who's probably going to be in the finals, and it isn't Kobe and Lebron!

How do you think the Cowboys became "America's Team". They were crammed down America's throat! I would be more upset if I were a Piston's fan. As Spurs fans, we sort of expect the disrespect!!
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