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Originally Posted by crospur
Just a thing about playoffs... As some of us from last year's edition of the game will remember, we had a system in case of the same record. Beside the picks, we also posted a point difference (for example: Spurs - Lakers; Spurs by 10) so in case of the same record, person with smallest cumulative difference was the winner.

I think for this year the same or similar thing should be established in advance so that there would be no misunderstandings.
Originally Posted by SA Spurs 2006
Welcome To The Official Pick the Winners Game PLAYOFF EDITION.
Standings through April 17 (Official "Pick The Winners" Game [Current Stats])

More information will be added as the final day of regular season games wrap up.

The top *8* seeds in the category of (Most correct picks/Total Picks) Will be considered The Western Conference.

The Top *8* seeds in the category of (Highest percentages of Correct Picks) Will be considered The Eastern Conference.

If you are in the Top *8* in the Western Conference as well as in the Eastern Conference.
Then you will be placed in the Western Conference and the next best player in the Eastern Conference will take your spot in the East.

If you are in the Top *8* in either category, You will receive a PM Invitation to Play.
Please decline the invitation if you feel you cannot Pick the games all the way through the end of the playoffs. When people accept to play but then stop picking, you are wasting our time PLUS You are then taking away a spot from someone who really wanted to play. If you do this you will be banned from the Game Permanently

The top *8* will be seeded in current Nba Playoff Format




Each player will pick the team who they think will win the game plus pick by how many points (for use in tiebreakers) At the end of the First Round, the player with more correct picks will win and eliminate the other player and move on to the second round.

For example:
1 (Cloud786) vs
8 (Panno)

Cloud786 total correct picks in the first round: 16
Panno total correct picks in the first round: 14

Cloud786 wins and will face the winner of the 3 vs 6 seed.
(just an example Panno . Think nothing of it )
Is that what ur talking about ?
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