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Originally Posted by micah76
I don't know about you TJ but I have never seen a dime of child support. Of course my lawyer used that to have the judge make a ruling that she has to pay me the back child support before she can sue for custody.
In nearly six years, I've gotten 3 months worth of child support, beginning about 6 months ago. In my opinion, she started paying when she began contemplating sueing for custody. Kinda trying to "paint a picture of a loving and caring parent", so to speak.

I contacted the Texas Attorney General several years ago to open a case, but the headache just wasn't worth it. They kept thinking I was the one in default, and every call took about 2 hours to straighten the person out. My attorney is going to advise me whether I should pursue this again, in light of current events.

Don't know about you, but that back child support would damn sure help to mitigate this damn attorney bill
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