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Originally Posted by micah76
Not so open as you think, otherwise Fathers with custody like TJ and I would not live in constant fear of losing our child to an unfit mother.
It is that very fear that is unfair. Women can disallow visitations by non-custodial fathers at will, and never be punished for it. Let a custodial father try that, and he'd be hauled into court. Fathers that fall behind on child support payments are pursued and punished to the full extent of the law. Hell, it's even called the "Deadbeat Dad" law. The same can't be said when it's a mother that doesn't pay child support.

Originally Posted by rjv
i hope that your ex does not come to regret this as your daughter may come to resent her for these actions. in the end, if there is a time that exists where you will not be in custody of your daughter remember that, in her heart, you will always be her dad, and she will always love you. no court can ever take that away, and the day will come where the court will have no say in how she chooses to spend as much time with you as she wants.
Thanks, rjv. That's a lovely thought, and I will remember it....
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