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Originally Posted by TJinTX
Thank you all for the prayers, and well-wishes. I went through this battle in our original divorce, and I'm certainly not looking forward to doing it again. It's ugly, brutal, and can be dehumanizing to both parties. At the time, my daughter was 3, so she was blissfully unaware of the animosity, and I'm very thankful for that.

My best hope is for a summary judgement from the judge, stating that this is a frivolous case, and doesn't deserve a hearing. My ex has not put forth any compelling reason to uproot a child from a stable home, particularly when that child is on the "A-B" Honor Roll, made the TAKS "Commended" list, is involved in every extra-curricular activity known to man, etc. Worst case, of course, is a full-blown trial, where everyone's dirty laundry gets aired.

Someone asked me how I was feeling about the whole thing. My response was basically that I'm pissed off that my ex would cause such disruption and stress for no good reason. Every once in a while, I do have moments of fear, simply because this is west Texas, and most folks here believe a child should be with their mother. Of course, they don't know THIS mother. Part of me is really wanting to go to war, just so she'll realize that she can't do things on a whim; the other part of me just prays for an early judgment.

Attorneys are already involved, so hopefully all will go well. What the hell; it's just another $20,000....
i hope that your ex does not come to regret this as your daughter may come to resent her for these actions. in the end, if there is a time that exists where you will not be in custody of your daughter remember that, in her heart, you will always be her dad, and she will always love you. no court can ever take that away, and the day will come where the court will have no say in how she chooses to spend as much time with you as she wants.
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