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Originally Posted by shelden
I will pray for you and your daughter, TJ, and ask the members of my small Christian community to pray with me.
Thank you, shelden. I'm a big believer in the power of prayer.
Originally Posted by bnwhuxley
I hope, and expect, things to turn out well for you, TJ.
Thank you for your vote of confidence. It's always good to hear from you.

Originally Posted by micah76
It's amazing our cases mirror each other almost exactly. Including that god awful amount of money.
Yes, it is somewhat odd, although I suspect that many fathers have similiar (or even worse) situations. The money required is absolutely mind-boggling, at least to me. As I said earlier, I'm hoping for a summary judgement, in which case the dollar amount will be significantly lower. Every attorney I've spoken to regarding this has told me that my ex's lawyer is really doing her a disservice by taking her case, since I've had custody for nearly 6 years. I just hope the financial impact to her is at least as great as it is to me.
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