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Yes, I gave him props. What he did last night re-inserting Nash and Marion to try and win the game when the Mavs closed the gap was a class act. How many coaches do you know that would have inserted his starting players back into a meaningless game and risk injury? Especially since they had cooled down while sitting out most of the second half and that's when muscle injuries can occur. The man had nothing to gain but pride in winning a game. He didn't need to send a message to the Mavs as it's all different in the playoffs anyway. He could have said to hell with it and not risked injury to Nash or Marion. As for how he coaches, he gets the best out of what he has and that makes him a really good coach. He really only had two players left from last years team, Nash and Marion (can't count Amare), and he made all the new pieces fit and had another fine season. He knows his team's strengths and weaknesses and adapts to them. He knows his team is not a defensive team, and, doesn't try to make them one. They run, they score, they try and get you to play their game not yours. That's a sign of a good coach. Just remember, Pop is no offensive genuis, but he knows defense and that he has the team to play his system. Just like D'antoni knows his team and his system. Let's give credit where credit is due. Again, hat's off to D'antoni for not just mailing in last nights game as so many other coaches would have (see Phil Jackson). They played their asses off last night for pride and the fact that the game was still important to other teams. CLASSY ALL THE WAY.
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