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1. Who is this seasons MVP? Steve Nash
He is most important to the success of his team. Take any other candidate off of their team, and they don't free fall as much as Phoenix would without Nash.

2. Most IMPROVED Team? LA Clippers

A lot of teams improve from missing the playoffs, to become 7 or 8 seed non-factors. The Clips have had a torturous history, and will (IMO) be a huge factor in the playoffs this year. They will be a difficult matchup for any team they face, and may actually win a series.

3. Most DISAPOINTING Team? Houston Rockets

That McGrady/Yao combo should have that team in contention every year, and they never are.

4. DEFENSIVE Player of the YEAR? Bruce Bowen
Night in and night out he faces the most difficult matchups in the NBA, and more often than not causes huge problems for the guy he's guarding. He never takes night's off, and will guard Jon Berry with as much energy and tenacity as he does Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, and Carmelo Anthony.

5. Most IMPROVED Player? Tony Parker

He, individually, has improved more than any other player in the league. He's not benefitting from increase minutes, a new system, a new position, or new (significant) teammates. His game is better because he worked hard to improve it. Not because all of a sudden he's playing next to Steve Nash.

6. COACH of the Year? Avery Johnson
He has completely changed the mindset and image of that team, and that franchise. As Spurs fans we like to brag about our rings and their lack of rings, but AJs influence on that team will make them realize that WCFs and awesome regular seasons aren't good enough anymore.

7. ROOKIE of the Year? Chris Paul

Is there another rookie?

8. 6th Man of the Year? Leahndro Barbosa

This guy comes in, spells the MVP for a few minutes, and PHX rarely misses a beat. Would be a starter on probably 20 other teams in the league.
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