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Originally Posted by TheLogo
Hollinger just wants to toot his own horn. Afterall he made up the PER, and wouldn't it be cool if it ever became an "official" stat.

Still, even though it is understandable, it is wrong as a professional journalist to always be promoting yourself instead of the truth. Which in this case is that Magic was 10x the rookie that Chris Paul was. No offense chris, but this is Magic freaking Johnson we are talking about.

I think you would have to take into account that Magic had 10x the better team. That lakers team was so stacked it was a joke. The hornets won 18 games last year and lost its two best players in the offseason. Is Chris Paul better in his rookie year than Magic? hell no, but he has been amazing and will probably be one of the greatest along with Magic, Stockton, Kidd, and Isiah. He is 20 years old for gods sake and I see him repeatedly outplay the best points in the game.
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