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Originally Posted by SA Spurs 2006
It’s time for the 1st Annual SR NBA Awards.

1. Who is this seasons MVP?
Why? (Optional)

2. Most IMPROVED Team?

3. Most DISAPOINTING Team (regardless of injury)?

4. DEFENSIVE Player of the YEAR?
Why? (Optional)

5. Most IMPROVED Player?

6. COACH of the Year?
Why? (Optional)

7. ROOKIE of the Year?

8. 6th Man of the Year?

Other Awards Not Mentioned: (create your own if any were missed)
1. MVP - Steve Nash

-Nash is a great shooter, passer and leader. I can bring up alot of stats to back this up, but it'd be pointless, since we all already know that.

2. Most Improved Team

-Los Angeles Clippers

3. Most disappointing Team

-Seattle Supersonics

4. Defensive Player of the Year

-Bruce Bowen

5. Most Improved Player

-Elton Brand. Sure he was a 20-10 guy before, but Brand has not only assumed a leadership role on the team, but he has also increased his production while sharing the floor with more offensive weapons (Mobley and Cassel). He also worked very hard to mold his body and cut his flab in the offseason. While Diaw has made a better statistical improvement, Brand has improved his team and he does not have Steve Nash grabbing passes, Shawn Marion throwing down for assists, and Myriad of shooters to spread the floor.

6. Coach of the Year

-Avery Johnson

7. Rookie of the Year

-Chris Paul

8. Sixth Man of the Year

-Mike Miller
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