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For a greatful fan...

I've been a fan since the Dallas Chapparals were moved to San Antonio to become the Spurs. On occassion, talk about moving the Spurs were loud as well as the grumblings of getting rid of this player or that coach by a mob assembled in front of the Spurs office. Too many times have I seen the Spurs fizzle out in the first round in their many attempts to make it to the Finals. I was much too greatful for the Championship that was won in 1999 irregardless of the asterick, and humbled thereafter for the other two in 2003 and 2005. For those of you who remember, it was a long and winding road that had to be loathed. Never before until the arrival of Tim Duncan had I dreamed that San Antonio would win the big one much less three. I'm not one to say nor will ever say we are hurting or look ragged, but our Spurs are "Warriors". They've been here before and know exactly what it takes in how to win the big one. If your not sure or have the inkling of doubts, that's your problem. This house known as the "Spurs franchise" has put us smack in the middle of the map during a time no one gave a spit about who we were and what we were all about and we can thank Tim and Dave for that. They have done it with such grace and style that all others double over in disgust because our boys do it in such a way that involves no showboating or selfish zeal. I am about 1,500 miles away from San Antonio on a business trip and envy you poor b*st*rds back at home who can sit in front of the greatest team this side of the hemisphere has ever seen to enjoy a game played by a winning franchise and not cry how bad Tim looks or how Manu will be missed. If our Boys are not able to make it to the finals, so be it. This fan will be always be greatful for the memories that Tim and company have given us. I suggest you start BELIEVING because if you don't, then you know nothing about the true essence of "TEAM" basketball where you will ultimately end up torn for simply not appreciating what this team has done over the past seven years. All good things must come to an end, that's a fact! Let's get behind our team and wish them the best of luck, after all, you could be living the years I lived through where I saw nothing but early exits year after year. Go Spurs Go!!!
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