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Hmmm...I guess I'll just have to respond to my own thread

As Emmett Shaw states, the Spurs can choose to stand pat because they only lost because Tony wasn't in the game mentally and Tim couldn't get his normal shots to fall.

But they can also choose to take some lessons and make adjustments.

The Dirk 4-down has him at the top of the key with the live dribble. It usually comes from a pick-and-pop with Jason Terry. Because both Terry and Dirk are terrific shooters, the Spurs elect to switch to deny them the easy look. That means Bruce/Tim on Terry and Tony on Dirk. After the switch, Terry swings the ball to Dirk in the middle, where he can back down Tony to about 15 feet, then shoot the fadeaway.

From that vantage point, Dirk can also see where a double team is coming from, and neutralize it with the pass to an open guy.

If the Spurs want to continue that strategy, then Tony will have to do one or two things that are not quite Spur-like. First, he'll have to try to steal the ball from Dirk. Hand in his face isn't going to work because Tony is just too short. But the guy is still a 7 footer. If he puts the ball on the floor, Tony has a chance of getting it. Of course the first step is to crowd Dirk so he WILL put the ball on the floor.

And if the steal attempt fails? Leak out. No point boxing out because Tony is too small. But with his speed, and position at the top of the key, no Mavs guard is going to be able to catch him. So even if Dirk scores, just throw the long ball and you get 2 points back.

Suns-like strategy? Perhaps. But I think it might throw off the Mavs a bit.
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