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Originally Posted by B-Hath
My thinking is a lot of those guys were too talented and too valuable to the team. From your list I would go with Tom Copa or Dallas Comegys cause I would love to walk down the street and see someone with those jerseys on. Also, don't count out Zarko Paspaj. There is some greatness right there.

Originally Posted by RichB
Zarko Paspalj
yeah, i forgot about ol' Zarko. Interesting sidenote- during the infamous "Zarko" season, my aunt took me to a preseason game vs. the Celtics. we got our ass blown out by boston, but late in the game they put in Zarko and he proceeded to hit a couple shots. A guy a couple of rows in front of us then offered some astute basketball analysis after one of his baskets, yelling "make more of those, THEN WE'LL WIN!!!" of course this was ridiculous and my aunt and i were dying laughing. this guy thought he was brent musberger or something with that sort of commentary.

ever since then, whenever the spurs are way down but someone hits a shot, one of us will let out the "make more of those, THEN WE'LL WIN!!!"

okay, maybe you had to be there.
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