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Originally Posted by Jason R
Well then your memory should be long enough to remember that 'run' in the 80's and all the decades of victory the Lakers have under their belt, which by any measure isn't little.
LOL Jason bringing the heat.

Anyways, here's a little more of what Artest had to say after Kobe lit him up, yes I know its kind of late but still.

"I wasn't really able to guard him the whole night because I wasn't in condition enough," he said. "I thought when I was on him, I did some good things. A couple times ... he made some tough shots.

"I think he's at his best right now, so it'll be good to see it when I'm at my best, too."

And while Artest admitted that Bryant had his way, he found humor in the one part of Bryant's repertoire that is nowhere near as sharp as his shot - his memory.

When asked after the game about the last time he faced Artest, Bryant said, "I haven't played against Ron in like four years. Seriously. I think I had 40(points)."

In actuality, it was just 27 months ago, and Bryant came nowhere near 40. He had 12 points in a 99-77 Lakers home win over Indiana, hitting 4 of 10 shots.

"He didn't have no 40," Artest said, laughing. "Kobe don't even guard me, though. He won't guard me because he can't guard me."

Adding to the banter, Bryant had taken exception at Artest saying before the game that he would keep Bryant below his scoring average. But given the history between them, it was a reasonable prediction.

Before the latest affair, the two had gone head to head only five times, and Bryant was held below his average for that season every time. The trend, Artest insisted, will return to normal when the Kings and Lakers meet again March 14 in Sacramento and March 22 in Los Angeles.

"He's going to get shut down," he said.

Well aware that he was feeding the hype machine for the next go-round, Artest found a common ground between he and Bryant.

"That's the difference with guys like me and Kobe," he said. "We're not afraid to step up to the challenge. I'm not afraid to talk mess to one of the best players in the NBA, and then see what happens later."

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