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Originally Posted by maldoror
Your memory must be bad because Kobe almost always gave the Spurs plenty of respect in comments he made the the press. It was Shaq and Phil that made the disparaging and arrogant remarks. I know Kobe is a favorite whipping boy for many here but your position is simply not truthful.
well i guess i remember wrong then maldoror....but i couldve sworn thats how it was before we sent them on the trail of tears('03 second round).....i noticed after the trail of tears, THEN came the respect we get now....

Originally Posted by SoapScumKills
I have to agree with this, anti-kobe spurs fans only have a hardon for him because of the constant asswhooping he gave our team in that 3 peat run.
during that 3peat run he never gave credit or respect...puleeeze gettin old but my memory aint shot yet...and i never liked him too much since he first came in before he ever won i could care less about theyre little run...and i put emphasis on "little"....we whooped that azz in '99 before theyre "little" run....we ended the run....and now we are still contending for years to try that on for size....snug aint it?
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