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Originally Posted by Sdayi1
Sprewell...PASS Didn't he say if he wasn't given the full MLE ($5 million or whatever it is) it's an insult? We don't have it!

TThomas...PASS. Other than height, nothing to offer.

I'd take GRob back over both in a heartbeat. At least he's been here and knows the system.
Agreed. I would love to have GRob back if he's in shape. I thought he played great last year, better than Finley.

It'd be a different story if TT is auditioning for being here for the long haul. TT is not very good but if Pop is convinced he could change him to play D and rebound, (I seriously doubt it) no harm giving it a try. This guy is incredibly talented, at the same time, I don't know how much better TT is to young ones like White, D. Johnson or Ebi.

Article on Ebi:

I would like to have him on our team.

CIA Pop: Overpaying a player never works.
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