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Originally Posted by satexan77
Shaq is having a bigger laugh at the bank. He wanted to make an affordable shoe that kids can actually afford. I think its stupid to laugh at where people buy their shoes but hey thats me.

As for Tim's shoes they look really nice but I will not spend $250 on shoes in total for the next 3-5 years let alone on one pair.
They may be cheaper but that doesn't mean he is going to make a lot more money off them. An example is say shoe A costs 70 bucks and shoe B is 30 bucks and lets say Shoe A Sells only 2 pairs of shoes while Shoe B sells 3 pairs, in the end Shoe A makes 140 bucks compared to Shoe B which makes 90 bucks despite sellign more shoes. Ok I got too technical on that but cheaper shoes doesn't mean more money, a lot of factors determine how well the shoe will sell including target audience. I have a feeling Addidas' target zudience for ghd Duncans were Tim's most diehard fans. They probably have a good estimate on the number of his die hard fans and how much money they can make off it along with how many shoes to supply for the demand.
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