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I'm of the opinion that much of his struggles are when he plays with guys who aren't longtime members of "THE SYSTEM".

Sometimes, when guys like Nick & Fin & Nazr are in the game, that they haven't yet figured out when the plays flow, it gets kind of mechanical but because this is the Spurs and the emphasis is defense and ball control, against most of the teams, this ain't a problem. But against good teams, it seems like many are just staying right where they are. It's so 2001 4-Down where everyone watches Tim and waits as an outlet in case he needs it.

All these guys are more mobile than Steve Smith but they just aren't as instictive as TP & Manu or even Steve Kerr when he was here. The 1 guy who I don't mind standing around waiting as an outlet is...SEAN MARKS. Many of those scoring droughts could've been minimized if Marks was in for just a few minutes. Strange I know, but I'm now a big believer in Kiwi's ability to stretch out the interior with those jumpers just like kerr would do at times, and well, he has been with the team now for 3 seasons so he knows the system far better than Nick & Fin & Nazr.
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