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latest rumor: artest for peja!

"I have it on excellent authority the Pacers and Kings are exceedingly close to swapping Ron Artest (three more years after this on his contract with a right to opt out after two) for Peja Stojakovic, who has the freedom to opt out after this season or play out the next. Then again, let me put it another way: The two teams are as close as my Paper Clips were to acquiring Artest for Corey Maggette before an Indiana doctor decided the swingman's left ankle was too great a risk."

"According to three sources, it's strictly Sacramento's call; the Pacers are agreeable and ready to deal, and are waiting for the Kings to make up their mind."


i guess there have been such trade talks for a year and it still would make sense for both teams.
if it is right, that it's the kings turn, they should do it.
there is a high risk that peja will opt out in the summer and if he does, he llikely won't resign with the kings.
kings need an enforcer and the way they are playing right now and considering their bad chemistry, there is a low risk that artest "blows something", because there isn't anything he could blow.
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