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Earlier in the season, he was defferring to Manu and Tony plenty and he still got up a reasonable amount of shots and was playing dominant. In the last 10 or so games tho, it feels like he doesnt ever wanna shoot which i think is a huuuuuuuge mistake. No matter how good Tony and Manu are, Tim is better than them and the rest of the players on our team combined (i may be exagerrating but u get my point) and if he is more aggressive, it makes the rest of the team play better too. As for Tony's great night on Friday, Tim was having a decent scoring night thorugh one half too and then just stopped playing offense (he did have 6 boards in the fourth). In that fourth quarter, i remember Barry taking two shots, Finley taking 3, Rasho taking 3 and Tim taking.....1. And that was a half hearted fling at the basket that almost led to Miami tieing the game.

I love Tim, hes by far my favorite player, but I would feel better if Tim started forcing the issue somewhat in order to get going. I kno hes probably just going through the motions but it feels like they arent playing Spurs basketball right now and i think the biggest reason is that Tim is settling for like 12 shots a game recently.
Lest we forget, in the biggest NBA game of the last decade, the Spurs handled the Pistons in the type of game that Detroit is supposedly built for. In deciding games between San Antonio and Detroit, the Spurs are 1-0, and the Pistons are 0-1.
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