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Originally Posted by MarineForLife
I'm surprised you didn't hand out a warning citation in this thread.
I actually don't see a reason to issue some sort of warning. There was no back and forth banter between posters full of expletives and insults. Typically, in those situations MomBear (much to her credit) is pretty quick to snuff those out, delete them or just lock the thread. The fact that she didn't do it in this case should lead us to believe that this thread was (in esscence) - nothing.

If you go back to read my original post I made it clear when I said "IF you don't think Payton is a HOF then you are...." and while it seemed I was directing that strictly at Powerslave - I wasn't. That's my fault. That is not only directed at him, but all posters who want to rag on someone or slam someone without being better informed. Yes, many times it's a matter of opinion - but when your opinion is so far from reality than it becomes less valid IMHO.

I said what I said because it's the truth and I'm sure many long time fans that follow the NBA believe that as well - and history and the NBA record books prove us correct. What made the original post even less valid was comparing Payton to players like Marbury, Francis and Van Exel. That is when I knew this was just hate on Payton (in lieu of the Spurs/Heat game) and not even a legitimate question. I mean how ridiculous does that sound? Comparing Payton to a group of underachieveing, never done nothing guards? That's when I knew this thread was a joke.

We can sit here and debate over who was better: Olajuwon or Robinson? But no one in their right mind is going to dispute either players greatness or compare either to Brad Miller and Rik Smits.

Which is why in my second post - I referred to the thread as blatantly stupid. I never took personal shots at Powerslave and said "Hey Powerslave, F You Payton Rules!" or "Powerslave, you're a moron" as I know some posters on here and other boards are inclined to do. Resort to name calling and such, when they no longer have a case to stand on.

I don't need to do that - so I didn't.

I stated my case and said nothing else about it. More than one poster agreed with me and several state themselves that Payton was an elite player, likely a HOF lock. Two moderators and the site administrator posted after me, and none found it necessary to warn anyone, delete or lock this thread.

Powerslave gave his sarcastic concession and hopefully learned a bit more about "The Glove" than he didn't know before. Nothing personal, no hard feelings, no profanity or ugly name calling, no harm done.

End of thread.

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