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It is not the fatal blow, atleast I hope not in January..... The Spurs need to get alot better though, along way to go to get to their level of last year even. The Spurs did not lose big in game 6 either though, they were down two with a few mins left and let it go late, it was a great game not near the blowouts of games 1 and 2 so far this year in the series. I am not even concerned yet, they will get better, and I am never gonna lose hope in this team, not as long as Tim, Gino and Parker are on the team and balling. Ginobili needs to start though.
Win or lose this is a game -
You could let it pick your brain for weeks and months, just replay it over and over, won't do you any good at all. When someone loses a loved one and they do that it only brings forth anguish. I feel acceptance is sometimes the key, it happened, now you have to react to it. Giving up is not an option.
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