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Detroit is a good team and the beating us tonight shws how great of a team they are when this game was hyped up since last week.

We are not playing great ball right now and played a team that is aplying then anyone in the NBA this year so far.

I am not down n the Spurs, I still love our chances to win it all.....but when the team that is the "other" best team in the NBA comes in your house and punches youright in your grill and nly one of your players looks like he wnats to win. You have some problems, there is plenty of time to improve this Spurs team.

But there will be no cakewalk to 7 wins for the Spurs this year, no parade is set in stome for June....The 'o6 rings do not have anyone names in them we are not done yet......need to improve and by the playoffs need to get on one of those runs that we have in years past.

Like I said .....tonight could really help us in the long run, but right now its looks like we ust got beat by the better team, and we did.
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