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Originally Posted by jesterbobman
its all about $$$$$$$$$$$
I thought about that. The playoff change was made back in 2003 when Sacramento was near a top seed and the Lakers were stinking it up. Not to go Oliver Stone on you guys, but my thoughts were that the league was hoping they would get the Sac-LA conf finals rematch from the previous year and cash in on another ratings bonanza in the playoffs. But there was a problem with that. While Sacramento were the favorites, the Lakers lost The Diesel to injury in the preseason and were expected to be near the bottom of the playoff standings. Fearing that the Lakers wouldn't recover to at least be second to Sac, they were hoping they could salvage a possible 7-game series between the two in the first-round. The funny thing about this change was that it wasn't made in the offseason. It was done about 20 games into the season, and there was no protests or questions from anybody in the league. Not even Cuban!

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