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Originally Posted by ProjectGSX
Are you just mad because he snatched the plaque off of your wall?

Talk about judgemental.
You are absolutely right. My statement was judgemental. I support the Spurs win, lose, w/Rodman and w/oRodman.

If you didn't cheer for Rodman, you are a bandwagon fan. That's my judgement. You just can't have it when it's all roses and potpourri. When it smells like sh!t, you have to be a fan then , too. That's my judgement.

The guy had two very productive years for us, including David's MVP year. Coincidence?

True, his legend to most may be a blond dye job, trysts with the glitterati, and Chunky Soup commercials, but in this fan's mind, he was a helluva a basektball player who didn't mind getting his hands dirty. He's a Spur legend if only for trying to take Johnny Stockton out with his knee. The Baseline Bums gave him a standing ovation!

"Into Sean Elliott. He fires the three. AND HITS IT!"
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