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Originally Posted by MATIAS
Give him a break. He was almost the only player on the court for Miami yesterday (on offense).
Haslem and Simien also did fine.
It will be a long season for Wade...
yep, he did turn the ball over a lot but poor Dwyane was trying to do too much... and who can blame him, after seeing the pathetic display of Walker and Williams. I wonder if those two share a brain... well, whatever it is they've got in there, at least.
Haslem did much more than fine, he did great. Alonzo did very good as well.
Honestly, I wasn't too impressed with Indiana. They should have run over a Miami side without Shaq, but they were up and down all along.
One thing worth mentioning was Jasikevicius' clutch shot, perhaps an indication of what's to come.
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