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Originally Posted by TDA
I don't particularly pay that much attention to Devean George other than last night when he got into that little tussle with "Melo". I was rooting for him to b***h slap Carmelo since I really don't like him much.

P.S.-Someone else on the Thuggets team in need of a good b***h slap is Andre Miller. Why, you may ask, do I feel this way??? They are after all the "Thuggets".
I didnt see that but Melo needs a good b!tch slap. Melo has improved a lot this year, but I know the Nuggets have the wrong attitude after their comments after we kicked their butts in the first round.

Originally Posted by GM5K
man thats weird i used to have that exact same thing with george. i didnt like him and i didnt know why. got over it though,i actually kinda like him and his game now. i especially liked it when he stood up to melo last night
I knew it wasnt just me.

Originally Posted by GSG
Wow 3 championships, he must be good

BTW I don't like him as well Crazydavy. It's probably that stupid look on his face
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