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I'll make it clear I have no problem with her being gay. I just think it isn't the image her league wants tagged to it.

I think it will have a negative affect on her league, I understand she should be who she is, but in that case it should have been that way in the beginning. All I remember seeing was her husband and son at all the games, if she was gay should have been straight with it from the get go. She was pretty much just lieing to everyone.

The world still has moved a little, but not as much as it should have. We still have the KKK, gay marriage still isn't legal in most states, The NBA just passed a racist dress code, There are numerous amounts of race related crimes, Don't even want to get into the Hurricane Katrina Incident, there were racial motives behind the repsonse time to that disaster.

S o the world hasnt moved as far as you think. You do have people in this country who wont let their kids watch or go to their games.
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