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Good points about Duncan's defense - I hope some of the DPY voters take note of it.

Why is Marks in the league? At first I thought it was a ploy by the Spurs to have every continent represented on their roster...
This was actually pretty funny, even though I like Sean Marks.

Nesterovic's 46.0 percent shooting doesn't look so bad until you realize he took 30 foul shots the entire season, a pathetic total for an alleged center.
Ouch! Is that really all the attempts he had for the whole season? 30?! (I had to look that up because I didn't believe it. Sure enough, he had 30 attempts for the season from the free-throw line. By comparison, Duncan had 455.) I don't think I've ever seen a better indicator of a lack of aggression for a center than that.

Overall, his (Tony Parker's) Defensive PER was among the best at his position
I didn't realize that. Good on TP!
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