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Originally Posted by pjjrfan
I just got this sneaky feeling that the Cav's middle will be ample as long as James is on that team. I just don't see the refs killing the Cavs with a lot of ticky tacky fouls that will put James in foul trouble or his team in a hole. I wince at how the refs controlled a lot of the Bull's games and allowed Jordan carte blanche with this defensive aggressiveness. We might be seeing the same thing with the Cavs.

The fact is that with the finals ratings going down, the league might be impatient to see James in the big show.
This stuff about the Finals Ratings being down has got to stop. This is an international world now. The NBA Finals were watched by more people than ever before. NBA revenues are not determined by how many Americans are watching exclusively. NBA rating will continue to slide, just as every other event except maybe the Super Bowl, because of the incredible number of entertainment choices we have.
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