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Originally Posted by stuffedmushroomz
Why would anyone assume that Curry hasn't taken the DNA test?

Wouldn't it be easier to say he won't take the test rather than just Refusing to

Disclose any Medical Info.

I'm more than sure he did take that test and results may not be so good.

The most logical thing to do in that case would be to secure his family with millions

cuz he probably can't support his new life style with $500,000/yr for the next 50yrs.

I'm not trying to be funny but, its true. He NOW has a $70 to $80mil for the next 6yrs

and should his heart begins to show signs of irregurality, he will retire a millionaire.

Do y'all really think he will play? NO!!!!

If his heart is not alright and he knows it I'd say he will retire within a few months.
What is really more discouraging is that knowing he has a problem he will play anyway, thinking it's no big deal. I don't remember Gaithers situation, but in Lewis's case he had a really scary moment where he collapsed on the floor and survived, yet he chose to try and come back and the next time he collapased it was permanent. You'd hope the guy will do the smart thing if not the right thing, but with so many athletes who take steroids and think they are invincible you just don't know.
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