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QUIZ: Are you a Manusexual? Perhaps Ginobili-curious?

SPURSREPORT QUIZ: Are you a Manusexual?

Manu Ginobili, San Antonio's beloved basketball superstar has a cult following like no other basketball player in Spurs history. Men swoon and women consider leaving their husbands at the very sight of Manu. Take this quiz to see if you are a Manusexual, Ginobili-curious or a hater.

(The scoring system will be provided laterin the week)

1. Lookswise, Manu is…

a) is the Latino heartthrob.
b) is ugly.
c) needs a little rhinoplasty and he’d be perfect.
d) I don’t know. I have never gauged Manu’s attractiveness ever.

2. How many Manu Ginobili items (jerseys, posters, basketball cards, etc.) do you own?

a) 1-3
b) 4-10
c) Over 10
d) None, I love Merlin.

3. In the 2005 Playoffs, Manu’s hair was…

a) A mullet/comb-over hybrid
b) A flowing mane
c) Going gray
d) Hair?!? Who cares about hair?!? I ain’t one of ‘dem Metra-sexuals!

4. On SpursReport, I have posted:

a) I love Manu.
b) I hate Manu.
c) Manu is a great basketball player.
d) I’ve never posted anything about Manu
e) A and C
f) A and B
g) B and C
h) All of the above

5. How do you respond when someone asks you where Manu is from?

a) Bahia Blanca, Argentina
b) Argentina
c) South America
d) From the depths of my imagination, riding in on Pegasus sporting a loincloth and nothing else.

6. If you had a choice of the following scenarios, which would you choose?

a) You are Manu’s best friend. You guys hang out, go out to eat, joke around and play video games everyday to the point where Marianela is jealous.
b) You are Manu’s afternoon delight. You meet in $20 motel rooms off Austin Highway (Free HBO), but he’s never introduced you to his friends. He throws tickets and cash your way to make sure you stay quiet. But you know, despite what your friends or better judgement tells you, that the passion is real.
c) You are Manu’s biggest fan. You own every piece of Manu-ibilia known to man. You stop using your Rogaine to properly emulate El Manu.
d) You are Manu.

7. On SpursReport, have you posted about Manu’s hair?

a) Yes, once.
b) Yes, twice
c) Yes, more than twice (and more than I can remember, honestly)
d) Hair?!? Who cares about hair?!? I ain’t one of ‘dem Metra-sexuals!

8. Have you ever kissed?

a) Manu’s jersey.
b) Manu’s poster.
c) Any other Manu memorabilia.
c) Manu.
d) I haven’t kissed anything that has to do with Manu. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that).

9. Does Manu flop?

a) Yes, all the time.
b) Occasionally
c) Once or twice
d) Never
e) Only in bed

10. Using the following phrases to describe your fandom, how big of a Manu fan are you?

a) Making Love (bubble baths, Levert, strawberries and chocolate)
b) Under The Shirt, Over The Bra, Out Past 11 On A School Night
c) The Nasty (kneepads, adult videos and dirty talk)
d) I could replace my Manu blow up doll with a Beno blow up doll and not sweat it.

11. If you were in the locker room shower with Manu, would you …

a) Pop Manu’s culo with a wet towel.
b) Sing Coasters songs a la Carver High in the White Shadow.
c) Avert your eyes from his paquete, keep to yourself, and grasp your soap-on-a-rope tightly.
d) I don’t shower with other guys.

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