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You know how some feel that there is something called S A I C?

I think those really predicatable LG circle-jerks have a case of a Superiority Complex.
superiority complex
An exaggerated feeling of being superior to others.

A psychological defense mechanism in which feelings of superiority counter or conceal feelings of inferiority.
It's as if they've all been poisoned by what some have termed, Kobe Kool-aid.
From the moment Shaq left, the Lakers have been made inferior. And until improvements are made all around, then inferior is where they'll continue to be.

As for why Phil came back?

The organization would have you believe that it's because Phil wants the challenge of taking a team that is not blessed with the best players at 2 positions and attempt to meld them into a championship contender.

I believe that it's 2 reasons.
10 Mill per year and Jeanie Buss...Naked. Those aren't 2 bad reasons at all.
Let's Have A Black Celebration!!!
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