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My List:

1. T-Mac (Houston started to play well after moving him to SF, he cant be stopped, improving in clutch and in defense)
2. LeBron James (no other NBA player can compete in talent/size/athletism, unstoppable on offense, but someone tell him he has to defend too)
3. Paul Pierce (underrated defensive player, tireless scorer, NBA best in the clutch)
4. Kirilenko (also a PF, bulked up after his injury, outstanding defense with great wingspan and foot speed, great offense talent, solid shot, but can he stay healthy?)
5. Vince Carter (swing player, solid jumper, amazing hoops, quite talented too, but has much difficulty staying healthy and plays little defense)

Honorable mention: Stojakovic (had a bad year, but improved after Webber got traded, may rebound this year), Rashard Lewis (matchup problem for many teams, but plays no defense), Carmello Anthony (still no defense, improved greatly playing for Karl), Ron Artest (great SF, but to crazy).

Marion is a great SF too, but he played PF last year.

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