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Originally Posted by enuff_sed
Only in today's NBA do player actually NEED to work on their jump shots.

In times past most everyone could shoot, they didn't have handles and couldn't drive fro anything...but they could shoot. Now the pendulum has swung the other way.

Its a good move for Tony to be working on his weakness without losing anything on his strength.
I think that is a bit of a myth, I watched the NBA for along time and disagree when people say they used to shoot a lot better. the other night while being up with my infant son I watched a finals game from the mid 80's between the Celtics and Lakers- a LOT of missed jumpers- (open jumpers). The interesting part was 3 point shot attempts where rare, and you almost never saw anybody standing behind the 3 point line. If you look back at the the Celtics dynasty in the late 50s and 60s they never shot above .44% as a team and defense was not what it was today.
Also the best shooters- Kerr for instance work at their shot constantly.
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