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Originally Posted by TDA
This article reeks of total spin job! The article should have read something like this "Good job Phoenix, now your worse off than you were last year. By replacing arguably your best all-around player in Joe Johnson and one of your best 3-point weapons in Quentin Richardson with average (at best) players, you've now assured yourself a chance to be ousted once again in the playoffs by not only San Antonio this time, but Houston, Dallas, and even Sacramento. Enjoy a decent to good regular season Suns fans".
Seriously, if you are going for a title then what is the difference. The Suns knew that if they stood pat with the players they had they were not going to win. People keep talking about how they got worse, but the truth is that they have open up the flexibility of their roster to trades and more with these moves over the summer. Q-Rich was overpriced, Kurt T comes in at a relative bargain for a halfway decent big man in this league, and would be easy to move if they ever wanted to ship him. Signing Joe Johnson would have done nothing for them except guarantee them another exit at our hands next year while preventing the future acquisition of a big man to help Amare.

Nash's window to win is not as short as Shaq's. As Nash ages, Amare will become more dominant, so the Suns I believe are making the right moves by looking to the future.

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