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if a spurs fan likes the lakers that's thier business. you've never heard of a person having a 1st and 2nd favorite team?

or is it just that the kings and lakers have had some verbal and physical altercations in the past so you would find it more difficult to understand how one can like both.

i bet if i said my 2nd favorite team was memphis you wouldn't have any questions about that would you? you wouldn't question a non threatening team like the grizzlies. two teams like memphis and sacramento that get along like two peas in a pod; one team a playoff contender and the other a lottery team at best getting an 8th seed.

i also like indiana. their fun to watch as long as they keep jermaine.
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bob ortegel(mavericks broadcaster) on stephen jacksons 7 straight 3pointers in game 6
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