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riley's lakers would have blown by the jackson 5.
as a matter of fact, kareem won at UCLA, Worthy won at UNC, Macic won at MSU.
how many NCAA titles have shaq and kobe won? 0.
Riley's lakers would have run shaq off the court,copper would have have been under kobe's skin. kareem had a the unstoppable skyhook, what go to shot does shaq have?
byron scott and cooper would have been raining trey's all night long.
Riley's showtime went to the NBA finals 8 times(80,82,83,84,85,87,88,89,). against the likes of: DR J (83) bird (81,84,86) isiah (89,90). compared to jackson's 4 (00,01,02,04).
who did kobe and shaq win against? miller,iverson,kidd,? how many titles do those jokers have? 0.
but let's compare Riley vs jackson
Riley's knicks vs Jackson's bulls. riley had Pat Ewing and John starks, Jackson had
the Mighty Jordan and pippen, and still took his Bulls to 7games in 92, 6games in 93.
now if Jackson had the bulls of the 90's play in Riley's 80's there's no way in the World
jordan would have had 6 rings. magic,bird,isiah, and DR. J would have made sure of that.
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