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Originally Posted by DrDoom
The PF position may be more GLAMORIZED, but the C position is still the most important in the NBA. Taking out the unique and trend breaking bulls, 4 out of the last 7 championships have been won by the team with the dominant big (Shaq and '99 DRob). 6 out of the last 7 have had a former as or current as at center (Shaq, DRob, and Big Ben) and 7 out of 7 have had the dominant big man playing c for a bit (shaq there all the time, drob in 99, big ben, and Tim plays alot of c).

NEVER underestimate the power of center.

Just for the sake of arguement...Dave was far from "dominant" during the 98-99 season. He averaged 16 and 10 which is really solid but its just that...solid. I think that what matters most is the total strength of the front line rather than simply the center or the power forward. Any team with a solid tandem in the 4-5 managed to succeed. Shaq/Horry, Duncan/Robinson, Sheed/Big Ben, Rodman/Luc Longley (easily the weakest duo on the list but combined great on the boards with good passing from Longley), Horry/Duncan have all won titles due to the complimentary nature of their games. But hey maybe I'm just crazy.
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